Yara Gonzalez-Justiniano

PhD in Practical Theology: Church and Society

  • Title PhD in Practical Theology: Church and Society
  • Education Yara is a graduate student from the University of Puerto Rico with a BA in Communications, a minor in Modern Languages and a minor in Theater. She has a Master of Divinity with concentration in Community and Global Engagement from the School of Theology of Boston University.

Yara, originally from Puerto Rico, graduated with a PhD in Practical Theology from Boston University with a concentration in Church and Society in 2019. Her research interests include Latino/a theologies, cultural identity and memory studies, postcolonial theory, popular culture and popular religion. Yara is Under Care with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and is in the process of ordination. Yara, also works with different church communities in hopes of maintaining an open dialogue between academic endeavors and the church.

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