Tara Soughers

Ph.D. in Practical Theology: Concentration: Spirituality

Tara Soughers is an ordained Episcopal priest with more than 18 years of parish experience. She is also the author of three books in spirituality: Falling in Love with God: Passion, Prayer, and the Song of Songs, Fleeing God: Fear, Call, and the Book of Jonah, and Treasures of Darkness: Finding God When Hope Is Hidden. She serves as a trainer for the Education for Ministry Program (through the University of the South), a congregational coach (for the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts), and a spiritual director.

Interested in the ways historical figures and texts are appropriated in spirituality, she is exploring how a model of spiritual companionship could serve to link historical figures with contemporary Christians in their spiritual journeys, as well as the implications this has for teaching about the saints in both congregations and seminaries. Her spiritual companion for this work is Teresa of Ávila.

Areas of Interest: Spirituality, Mysticism, Spiritual Companionship, Contemplative Prayer

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