Barbara Green

  • Education Th.D. with a major in Practical Theology and a minor in Liturgical Studies

Since finishing in 2004:  Prior to retirement I served as Dean and an instructor of the Wyoming Annual Conference Licensing School for Local Pastors and I served as clergy for a mid-sized church.  I also served on the United Methodist Committee to develop understandings of Holy Communion for the denomination. It is published as “This Holy Mystery”.

I continue to lead worship services, retreats, and classes as requested and have just published a book:  Calling God She?:  Reflections and Insights of a Great-Grandmother, Retired Clergywoman, and Doctor of Theology.  The book is written out of a culmination of life, work within the church, Practical Theology studies, and my dissertation “How Clergywomen in the United Methodist Church understand Preaching and themselves as preachers.” 

In the future:  I am interested in gathering writings from clergywomen regarding who they are, what they have brought to the church, and how they think their theologies/spiritualities/ ways of being are re-shaping the church and perhaps even images of God.

I would be glad to be in touch with any new students who are interested in any of my interests including spirituality, worship for today, medieval women, women in general, expanding images of the Divine, the Source (God). 

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