Nane Vardanyan

Public Relations MS'19 Hometown: Yerevan, Armenia

About Nane Vardanyan

Prior to BU

My undergraduate years have been multilaterally dynamic, full of university debates, volunteering, and international conferences. I volunteered at an organization where youngsters from all over the world came to Armenia as volunteers, I had the opportunity to uncover a diversity of people who had different religion and culture, dissimilar lifestyle and worldview, but one big thing we all had in common. We were the same, the same human.

Why Public Relations

My affection for Public Relations began with the subject of PR which I took during my sophomore year. In parallel with exploring international affairs and politics, I felt that political PR, I will call “the art of politics”, was the most creative and catching part for me. Later, I widened my knowledge in PR sphere, and after deciding to study in the USA, I found this program at Boston University and simply fell in love with BU. As an international student, I found the information international alumnus of BU had shared highly important for me. Inspired by their good impressions and contagious positivism, I imagined that I could be a BU student as well and I am the happiest person I could turn my imagination into a reality.

Most Looking Forward To

After a full year of watching YouTube videos, following blogger-students of BU, I cannot wait to reach Boston, take a deep breath, look around and tell myself "I'm in here"!!
I am impatiently waiting to meet my new classmates, professors and BU staff, walk through the city and observe my neighborhood enjoying a cup of Starbucks. I am excited not only as a student, but also as a curious tourist, as this is going to be my first time in the United States. I am fully ready to make BU my second home, experience the "American dream" and make unforgettable memories there!

After Graduation

Moving to Boston and living there for two years will be an experience full of challenges and new disclosures, but I believe this is the best way of learning and becoming more mature. In fact, starting a professional career with a job closer to my heart will be my next step, but I do not make limitations on a specific sphere that I would like to continue with and I am open to new alternatives that are yet unpredictable by me.

A Bit About Me

Languages are my passion, I am interested in learning foreign languages for I see it as the best way of exploring new countries and civilizations. In addition to English and Russian, about two years ago I started learning Chinese and furthermore had an adventurous journey to Beijing and Dalian cities. Actually, I am also impatient to meet Chinese students at BU and improve my Chinese as well. So, 你好!

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  • Yerevan State University, Bachelor of Public Administration