What is Cinemathèque?

Cinematheque is the premier screening series of the Department of Film and Television. It is a series of screenings of important, innovative films and television programs and of meetings and conversations with film- and television-makers. All undergraduate and graduate FTV students are required to attend a minimum of two Cinematheque events during each of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Events are FREE to BU students, staff and the general public as well. Screenings are Friday evenings at 7 p.m. in COM at 640 Commonwealth Ave., Room 101.

For more information, contact the Film and Television department at filmtv@bu.edu.

The Cinematheque attendance policy can be found here.

About the Curator

The BU Cinematheque curator is Gerald Peary, a cinema professor at Suffolk University and a long-time film critic for the Boston Phoenix. He chooses his BU programs based on his extensive contacts in the professional film world and from his travels to film festivals around the globe, including, annually, Cannes, Toronto, Montreal and South by Southwest. Visit Gerald Peary’s website at www.geraldpeary.com.

Spring 2019

February 8-AN EVENING WITH LEON LEE. A Chinese émigré living in Vancouver, Lee specializes in films about Chinese human rights. He will show his hard-hitting documentary, Letter from Masanjia, about what happened when a woman in Oregon found in a Halloween decoration a cry for help from a political prisoner in China.

February 22-AN EVENING WITH ED ZUCKERMAN. Zuckerman went from being a highly regarded journalist to writing for TV series such as Miami Vice and Star Trek: the Next Generation. At BU, he will screen two episodes of the legendary 1990s series, Law & Order, which he wrote and for which he was a series producer.

March 1-AN EVENING WITH SIGNE TAYLOR. In It’s a Criminal, veteran documentarian Taylor follows what occurred when a Dartmouth College class is brought to mix, and interrelate, with the women in a minimum security prison. Issues of race and class and educational opportunity quickly surface. At BU, Taylor promises some surprise special guests!

March 22-AN EVENING WITH JEREMY WORKMAN AND MATT GREEN. Workman with a camera on his shoulder has followed Matt Green on his astonishing journey to walk down every street and every block of every borough of New York. The result is The World Before Your Feet, a documentary anthropological and philosophical and winningly humanist, as Green speaks with everyone he bumps into along his path.

April 5-AN EVENING WITH JEREMIAH ZAGAR. The New York-based director will show his award-winning 2018  first feature, We the Animals. It follows three wild-acting boys of white and Puerto Rican lineage through their unmoored childhood, as they’re left on their own as their volatile parents fight, make up, then battle again.

April 19-AN EVENING WITH BRUSI OLASON. A graduate film student at Columbia University from Iceland, Olason will present his own short narrative films (“See Ya, Viktoria,” etc.) and a curated selection of other fiction short works made by current Icelandic filmmakers, some studying in the United States.

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