In addition to the general requirements that all College of Arts and Science students must require, students with a major in Latin must also complete the following requirements.

A concentration in Latin requires a minimum of ten courses, all with a grade of C or better.

  1. One course in Roman History or Civilization
    • CL102 World of Rome
    • CL322 Roman History
  2. Eight courses in Latin Language and Literature above CL112 or CL115*
    • CL351 Latin Seminar – This course may be repeated for credit as topics change.
  3. One course 400 level or above
    • CL406 Advanced Topics in Classical Civilization
    • CL451 Advanced Latin Seminar – This course may be repeated for credit as topics change.
    • CL497 Directed Study in Latin

      With the permission of the Chair or the Director of Undergraduate Studies, one course from the offerings under classical civilization may be counted toward this major.

      Learning Outcomes:

      1. Demonstrate broad understanding of the history and culture of ancient Rome.
      2. Demonstrate sufficient understanding of the vocabulary, morphology, and syntax of Latin to read standard works of the classical period accurately.
      3. Acquire the skills necessary to use dictionaries, grammars, and other resources that aid the reading and understanding of Latin texts.
      4. Demonstrate, in their reading of Latin, an understanding of genre, style, cultural context, and the place of the text within the literary history of the ancient world.
      5. Communicate clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing, ideas about Latin literary texts.