Karen Allen

NIH Funds Allen to Explore Insulin-Linked Metabolic Pathway

Continuing their highly productive (32 publications), 20-year collaboration, Professor Karen Allen and Dr. Debra Dunaway-Mariano, University of New Mexico, have received a 4-year, $1.26 million award from the NIH. The team is known for much of the current understanding of catalysis and specificity of the Haloalkanoic Acid Dehalogenase Superfamily (HADSF). This current award, “Structure and […]

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High School Students Learn About X-Ray Crystallography

Professor Karen Allen and Dr. Jeff Bacon, staff crystallographer of the Chemical Instrumentation Center (CIC), demonstrated the power of X-ray crystallography to local area high school students as part of an American Crystallographic Association (ACA) outreach program.  The scientists hosted two groups.  In March, 12 students from Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and their teacher, Aaron […]

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Karen Allen Advises on Publishing Ethics for Research

Professor Karen Allen, an Associate Editor of Biochemistry, has contributed to the fifth episode of the American Chemical Society’s series, ‘Publishing Your Research 101.” The episode addresses “Ethical Considerations for Authors and Reviewers.” This series interviews experts such as Professor Allen to obtain their insights on practical, real world questions and issues facing authors of […]

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Chemistry Receives NSF Multi-User Research Instrument Award

The Boston University Department of Chemistry has received funds from the NSF MRI program to acquire a Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometer, which will enhance the research of scientists in several departments encompassing biological and organic chemistry. In addition to the Principal Investigator, Professor Karen Allen, there are five major users at BU whose research will […]

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Faculty of 1000 Highlights Allen Group Findings

A recent publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society by Professor Allen and her Research Group, “Engineering Encodable Lanthanide-Binding Tags into Loop Regions of Proteins,” was evaluated in by Professor Gottfried Otting in Faculty of 1000. It is Professor Otting’s view that, “this paper shows for the first time that a lanthanide-binding peptide […]

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Two Groups Awarded BWF Travel Grants

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) uses Collaborative Research Travel Grants to facilitate biomedical research among laboratories in the US and abroad. This February, two Chemistry groups received these competitive awards. One of the grants will support Professor Pinghua Liu and his graduate student, Jinzhao Shen, to go to Beijing to work in the laboratory of […]

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Finding NEMO: Multidisciplinary Team Searches for the Drugs of the Future

There are many medically important drug targets that current drug discovery technology is not able to address. Collaborative basic research in Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry is key to solving these intractable problems to enable the discovery of new classes of drugs. A multidisciplinary team at Boston University, led by Associate Professor of Chemistry Adrian Whitty, […]

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Karen Allen Leads the Bridge Project: Functional Assignment in HAD Superfamily Phsphotransferases

Professor Karen Allen is leading the HAD Bridge Project of the NIH U54 award to the University of Illinois entitled “Collaborative Center for an Enzyme Function Initiative,” ($25 million over 4 years, John Gerlt, PI).  Known as “GLUE Grants,” these prestigious awards provide resources to currently funded scientists to form research teams to tackle complex […]