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Prof. Lawrence Ziegler, Chair

Located in Boston, one of the world’s foremost science and technology research hubs, our mission is to advance discovery in the chemical sciences and to provide excellent instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. As a result, our undergraduate majors, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows gain the skills and understanding they need to meet the technological challenges of the 21st century and to achieve meaningful careers in research, education, medicine, government, business, and/or law. The research programs of our faculty address many of the most demanding challenges in chemical research, with unique strengths in medicinal and translational chemistry, materials science, molecular and cell biology, computational chemistry, nanotechnology, catalysis and chemical dynamics. Supporting and enabling this research and our teaching laboratories is our extensive suite of state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities and instrumentation. I encourage you to learn about us by exploring this site, by contacting us electronically, or by arranging to visit our Department.

Lawrence Ziegler

Featured News


Asst. Prof. Aaron BeelerAssistant Professor Aaron Beeler Award a $975k Grant from DARPA










Prof. John Porco, Samour Family Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Center for Mlecular Discovery

Prof. John Porco, Samour Family Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Center for Molecular Discovery

Professor John Porco selected as the new Samour Family Professor of Chemistry











Dr. Arturo Vegas

Dr. Arturo Vegas

Professor Arturo Vegas Awarded a Two-Year Grant from Combined Therapeutics











Associate Professor Linda DoerrerProfessor Linda Doerrer Awarded Two-Year Grant from The American Chemical Society










Melissa MarquezMelissa Marquez, 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient










Prof. Xi Ling

Prof. Xi Ling

Professor Xi Ling receives Boston University Provost’s Career Development Professorship









BU’s Chemistry Dept. welcomes it’s newest Faculty Member, Professor Qiang Cui (QC)










Professor. David Coker Awarded $435,000 NSF Grant











Assistant Professor Chen YanfBU’s Chemistry and Electrical and Chemical Engineering Departments welcome Professor Chen Yang!








Boston Universities Chemistry and Physics Departments welcome one of our newest faculty members, Professor Masha Kamenetska!





Professor Ksenia Bravaya, NSF-CTMC Awardee

Professor Ksenia Bravaya, NSF-CTMC Awardee

Professor Ksenia Bravaya Awarded $405,000 3 Year NSF-CTMC Grant to study Metastable Electronic States






Boston University to Host the American Conference on Theoretical Chemistry July 16th-21st, 2017










BUnano Symposium sheds light on innovations in imaging

Bunano Symposium











Boston Universities 2017 Chemistry Undergraduate Symposium

Prof. John Snyder Introduces the presenters at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Prof. John Snyder Introduces the presenters at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Symposium













Director, Dr. Norman Lee, has led the growth of the CIC since 2008

Dr. Norman Lee, CIC Director

Dr. Norman Lee awarded an NIH-SIG Instrumentation Grant







Credit: Joseph Griffin/Digital Creative Associates

Professor Rosina M. Georgiadis’ use of “virtual machines” featured in Chemical & Engineering News





Melissa MarquezMelissa Marquez, of the Perlstein Group, receives the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship







Dr. Sean Elliott Receives 4 Year National Institute of Health Grant to study “Structure, Function and Diversity in the Bacterial Cytochrome c Peroxidase Family” 





Professors Snyder and Abrams collaborate with colleagues in Biology and Neuroscience to create novel, interdisciplinary courses: Integrated Science Experience 1 & 2


Dr. Arturo Vegas Highlighted in BU Today


The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has named Professor Catherine Costello a 2016 AAAS Fellow for her distinguished contributions to mass spectrometry.


Dr. Arturo Vegas Presented Research Type 1 Diabetes to Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus


Arturo Vegas awarded New Innovator Award from National Institute of Health

Beeler Group Play Me, I’m Yours Chemistry Piano featured in “Caught in Southie”


Dr. Arturo Vegas is a 2016 Peter Paul Career Development Professorship Recipient


Mark Grinstaff Featured in Chemical & Engineering News


Bjoern Reinhard Awarded 3 Year National Science Foundation Research Grant