Author: Tyler Lenocker

Latin America and Early Modern Christianity

The Latin American context played a central, although often neglected, role in the many Christian traditions emerging from the Early Modern era. This year, Rady Roldán-Figueroa, BuSTH professor and CGCM faculty affiliate, has explored this intersection between Latin America and European Christianity in the following works: C. Douglas Weaver and Rady Roldán-Figueroa, Exploring Christian Heritage: […]

1619, African Migration, and the Beginning of the “American Evolution”

1619 marked the beginning of many firsts in English North America, including its first representative legislative assembly, the first official English Thanksgiving meal, and, important for the study of world Christianity, the first recorded arrival of Africans in Port Monroe, Virginia. The year also marked the arrival of the first significant wave of women to English […]

Call for Papers: Global Perspectives on Peace, Conflict and Nineteenth-Century Christian Missions

Messengers of Peace? Global perspectives on peace, conflict and nineteenth-century Christian missions Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 12 July 2018   In a famous sermon launching the Missionary Society in 1795, Thomas Haweis proclaimed: ‘We meet under the conduct of the Prince of Peace; and unfurling the banner of his cross, desire to carry […]

Call for Papers: Mission and Evangelism in a Secularizing World

“Mission and Evangelism in a Secularizing World” 2018 Evangelical Missiological Society Theme Call for Papers Secularization has typically been described as that process by which a society attempts to separate and marginalize religious values and institutions from the broader culture and public sphere. Secularization has been largely discussed in the context of the Enlightenment and […]

Call for Papers: Religion and the 21st Century City: Openings and Closures

DEPARTMENT FOR THE STUDY OF RELIGIONS In Collaboration With SCHOOL OF ARTS Call for Papers for an International Conference on RELIGION AND THE 21ST CENTURY CITY: OPENINGS AND CLOSURES University of Ghana, 20th-22nd June, 2018   Background Faith communities and religious institutions have been pivotal in the growth of cities and urban communities in the world, usually […]

Religion and Democratization

Over the last century, some Western scholars have argued that certain religious traditions–first Catholicism, and increasingly in the contemporary world, Islam–are inherently incompatible with democratic forms of government. In a recent essay published in The Immanent Frame, CGCM faculty associate Jeremy Menchik, remembered the work of political scientist Alfred Stepan. Stepan’s scholarship resisted moves to paint any […]

African Pentecostalism

The study of African Pentecostalism has blossomed in the last decade. In his recent essay for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History, “Pentecostalism in Africa,” CGCM faculty associate Nimi Wariboko surveys the current state of historical scholarship on Pentecostalism in different African contexts. He highlights the priorities of such scholarship and points toward important trajectories for future work in the […]