Incels & Other Myths

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Incels & Other Myths

December 2 – 12, 2021

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre 

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre and the School of Theatre present this new play written by Ally Sass, and directed by Erica Terpening-Romeo (CFA’21). Incels and Other Myths follows a mother and son’s epic journey into the online realms of gender, power, and mythology. Elaine, a professor of Women in Mythology, grows concerned when Avery spends much of his time playing the online adventure game Oracle. Hoping to save him from spiraling deep into the notorious, misogynistic community of the “incels,” Elaine discovers an addiction of her own. But now, can Avery save her?

Incels and Other Myths
Incels and Other Myths
Incels and Other Myths

Program & Credits

Presented by Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

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Info & Credits

Written by Ally Sass

Directed by Erica Terpening-Romeo (CFA’21)

Photos by Stratton McCrady

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