Visual Arts Minor

The minor in Visual Arts is designed for students who want an introduction to the concepts and techniques of the visual arts offered in a professional training program. Students in the Minor gain foundational drawing experience and exposure to a variety of art forms and techniques.

The program consists of a 20-credit sequence of University art electives. Students are required to take one drawing class for 4 credits: either CFA AR 193 Visual Arts: Drawing I or AR 131 Drawing I (portfolio required). The remaining 16 credits are to be selected from visual arts elective courses. Courses that are designated for Visual Arts majors only may be included in the minor, but approval for registration into any of these courses is dependent upon submission of a portfolio and/or faculty approval. With faculty and administration approval, Visual Arts minors may take up to 4 studio credits at a comparable art institution.

Outline of Study

Curriculum requirements for the Visual Arts Minor can be found on the Academic Bulletin.

Additional Information

Any BU Summer Term Visual Arts course will also count towards the Visual Arts minor.

BU Summer Term course schedule

Visual Arts minors are eligible to participate in the Venice Studio Arts program offered through BU Study Abroad.  This program, offered during the summer and the academic year, provides students with the opportunity to study visual arts and Italian culture.  All studio courses (CFA ARxxx) offered in Venice count towards the Visual Arts minor.

Venice Studio Arts Program overview

Venice Studio Arts Summer Program overview

Declaring a Visual Arts Minor

To declare a Visual Arts minor, students should obtain a Declaration of Minor Form from the college of their major. The staff of the School of Visual Arts will review and sign this form. The completed form must then be returned to the student’s major college. For more information, contact the Visual Arts office at 617-353-3371 or