The minor in Visual Arts is designed for students who want to explore various visual arts processes and concepts in the context of a professional art school.

Visual Arts minors take courses alongside students pursuing professionally-focused BFA and liberal arts BA in Art degrees in BU School of Visual Arts.

Visual Arts minors are welcome to attend CFA events such as artist talks and exhibition openings, and are encouraged to become part of the CFA community.

The Visual Arts minor consists of twenty credits in visual arts courses (CFA AR xxx), including a required Drawing course, either CFA AR 193 Visual Arts Drawing or CFA AR 131 Drawing 1. Students in the minor gain foundational drawing experience and are exposed to a variety of art forms and techniques. The majority of Visual Arts minors take courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. Some students take a range of courses and some students decide to focus in an area of interest. Courses in art education are also available. While the School of Visual Arts does have a graphic design department, courses in this area are in high demand and limited seats are available for Visual Arts minors.

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