PIT-UN Convening 2023: Partnership for Impact

Boston Universitywill host the annual Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) Convening on October 12-13, 2023 at the newly constructed Center for Computing & Data Sciences. 

Organized around the theme of Partnership for Impact, the 2023 Convening will explore how universities can partner with government, companies, universities and community organizations to foster public interest technology, and address modern challenges. Topics from past Convenings, including data privacy, equitable design, cybersecurity, ethics in AI, public infrastructure, green technologies and more, will be discussed. The BU planning committee from the Faculty of Computing and Data Science (CDS) will announce 2023 programming details in the coming months. 

”Increasingly, our society has to navigate challenging sociotechnical issues ranging from privacy and security to algorithmic fairness and bias in AI. These are issues that government, public, and private organizations must tackle collectively, and ones that universities are best positioned to address through collaborative, interdisciplinary research,” Azer Bestavros, Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences at Boston University.

Convening welcomes university leadership, researchers, faculty, students, entrepreneurs, activists, tech workers, government employees and anyone interested in developing technology that serves the public interest. PIT-UN members participate in closed-door sessions on the Network’s growth and governance, in addition to sessions open to the general public. 

Learn more about the conference, view the program, call for papers, and more here.

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