Boston 25 News: AI in Schools

Excerpt from Boston 25 News | By: Litsa Pappas | May 10, 2024

Amanda Green is a Medfield mom of two young girls, trying to balance screen time with her kids just like most parents these days.

“You can already tell at a young age that they’re very addicted to the screen, they get very upset when they get detached from it,” said Green.

Green says her daughters are too young for social media, but she’s already worried about allowing them to use it especially now that artificial intelligence is changing the game.

“I’ve heard about risks of potentially fabricating a video and your kid gets in trouble at school and it never was them, they weren’t doing something,” said Green.

She has heard about ‘Deepfakes,’ and it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake anymore.

There are lots of deepfake videos of celebrities online, but now dozens of new AI apps make it easy for anyone to make a fake video of anyone by just using their picture.

“You can have a lot of lives ruined including the kids who make this stuff their lives can be ruined just as easily,” said Wesley Wildman, who studies AI and its impacts on society as a professor at Boston University.

He says deepfakes are becoming a problem especially when those videos include pornography.

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