Micah Sieber

Director of Academic Programs

Micah joined CDS in 2022 as our Director of Academic Programs. Micah oversees all aspects of graduate and undergraduate academic programming and planning within CDS. He is responsible for the creation, planning, implementation, oversight, and assessment of the many academic related services in CDS. Examples include academic advising, admissions, orientation, first year retention programs, financial aid planning, academic records management, graduation certification, commencement, career services, and student programming for graduate and undergraduate students at CDS. As Director, he oversees all aspects of curricular planning, including degree and course creations and revisions, enrollment management, and bulletin preparation. Micah leads and supervises a growing team of full-time academic support staff members associated with the increasing number of students and academic programs in CDS, and represents CDS on several University-level committees as well.

Previously, Micah worked at BU’s School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) where he served as Director of Academic Programs. While at SHA he oversaw all academic programs including the creation and administration of the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH). Prior to BU, Micah served in a number of roles in higher education including Graduate Admissions at Emerson College and Undergraduate Admissions at Vassar College.