MassMutual Gives $3 Million to CDS

MassMutual deepens partnership with second gift to CDS supporting research into responsible data use

Recognizing the successful partnership between MassMutual and BU’s Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS), we are excited to announce MassMutual has given another $3 million to support research into the responsible uses of data. This gift expands the existing collaborations between BU CDS and MassMutual, and opens up new impactful research opportunities and vibrant educational experiences for researchers and students across the University.

In an announcement to the University community, Azer Bestavros, Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences, notes “The [new] gift will be crucial in supporting translational research by faculty and students—work focused on how to integrate results from basic research in real-world products and systems. This type of applied work is hard to fund through government-sponsored research, which tends to favor long-term basic research.”

BU President Robert A. Brown echoes these sentiments, saying “We are immensely grateful for the commitments MassMutual has made to the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences. This new—and very generous—gift is a force multiplier for our researchers as they seek ways to apply research results to pressing problems and expand access to the field.”

Adam Fox, MassMutual’s Head of Data, describes how this partnership aligns with the missions of both CDS and MassMutual, stating, ““MassMutual continuously evolves our digital offerings and innovates new products and services, so we need to best understand how to use data in a responsible manner that goes beyond complying with applicable laws and ensures principles-based data design. We are committed to prioritizing the rights, privacy, and ownership of our customers and policy owners. The students and faculty at Boston University’s CDS share these common goals of transparency, fairness, and respect with data usage.”

This new gift will go towards the CDS endowment and long-term programming, including continued support of CDS experiential learning and broadening participation in computing initiatives lead by BU Spark!. It follows the company’s $1 million gift last year to the University’s newest academic unit.