BEE Lab Alumni

Former Ph.D. Students

Former Post-Doctorals

Former Lab Managers

Former Research Assistants

Class of 2016 (University of New Hampshire): Laura Van Beaver

Class of 2015: Monica Shifman

M.A. 2013: Chelsea Powell

B.A. 2013: Arielle Horenstein, Lisa Kashinsky, Shruti Nelamangala, Johanna Nielsen, Jared Scheck, Tiaundra Smith

M.A. 2012: Grai Bluez, Caroline Kelley, Marineh Lalikian, Lauren Masak, Aliza Sial

B.A. 2012: Natali Abadi, Eliel Van Buren, Kristen Woo

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Want to volunteer? Research Assistants in the BEE Lab learn about developmental neuroscience techniques and behavioral research while working with young children and their parents. A friendly personality and prior experience with children are essential!

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