We want you to be a part of our research!

  • Parents, if you are interested in participating in a study, sign up here!
  • Students, if you are looking to volunteer in one of our labs or become a CDL communications intern, read moreĀ about the experience of being a research assistant below.

Why volunteer for studies?

Help us understand how children think, behave, and learn!

By signing up, you are adding your name to a list of families who want to hear more about our research. Once you express interest, we will be in touch to tell you more about the specific studies your kids are the right age for, and then you can decide if you would like to participate.

What does a study involve?

Although each lab has a different focus and our studies involve different activities, we all strive to make our studies fun for children, as well as interesting for parents. Visits include stories and games and are scheduled at your convenience.

Most visits take place in our labs, but we do offer home visits for some studies. Our labs are located on the Boston University campus, near Kenmore Square, and parking is available.

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The research assistant experience

Being a research assistant is a great way to get involved in research. You will get to experience how a lab runs on a day-to-day basis, be exposed to current work in the field, and be part of ongoing projects. RAs may be involved in a variety of different ways, for example being in contact with families, running studies, coding and analyzing data, and more! To find out more about an RA’s role in a specific lab, and to see if a lab is hiring, follow the links to each lab’s page.