Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Marlow for receiving a grant from the DOE for his research on microbial communities. The Marlow Lab’s research seeks to understand microbial communities and how they they contribute to Earth’s environmental processes, as well as how they support life on Earth. Dr. Marlow and his team focus on microbial communities in hard to reach places, like the deep sea and volcanoes.

This DOE grant will allow the Marlow Lab to return to the Sippewissett Salt Marsh on Cape Cod, which has high levels of microbial genetic diversity. Dr. Marlow and his team will study which microbes are active under different conditions, like which are active during the day and which are active at night, and how that affects the overall function of the microbial communities.

The Sippewissett Salt Marsh on Cape Cod in Massachusetts


Congratulations, Jeff!

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