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Non-Fungible Tokens: A Digital Tool for Hospitality?

By Jason Chang, SHA ’22, Accounting Manager, Cambria Somerville NFTs: What are they? Whether for status, personal pleasure or knowledge, the collector’s mindset is seen in everyday life; sports cards, jewelry, and art are prime examples of items many people collect. While many tend to preserve their items long-term due to sentimental values, others collect […]

TikTok: Legitimate Marketing Platform or Deceptive Advertising Medium?

By Dorian Brown, SHA ’22 and Jason Chang, SHA ’22 The Beginning  TikTok, a popular yet continually controversial social media platform, has been a dominant force on how Gen Z consumes entertainment and information (Muliadi, 2020). Originally founded in 2014 as Musical.ly by Alex Zhou and Louis Yang (Leskin, 2020), the app emerged immensely popular […]