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Workshops for Women.

By Joel Brown Three interactive workshops offered at the SHA Leadership Summit gave women students practical skills for succeeding in the workplace, with role-playing and other exercises to help them get better at conversation, negotiation and managing workplace relationships. “I’m graduating soon, so I just wanted the last helpful hints before I go into the […]

Discussions of Challenges and Balance Open Students Eyes and Minds to the Realities of Post-Grad

    A view of the panelists speaking to the topic of “How to Handle Challenges in the Workplace”. Panelists include Anne Lloyd-Jones, Megan Chacon-Diaz, Tzurit Or, Airi Shibayama, Crystal Williams, and Hannah Olson.By Joel Brown Taken together, two panels at the SHA Leadership Summit formed a survival guide for students entering the busy and […]

Keynotes & Spotlights: Inspiration for SHA Students for Taking on the Hospitality World

By Joel Brown Guest speakers at the School of Hospitality Administration Leadership Summit were diverse, focused, highly successful and – at least for one March weekend – unusually candid. They included a hotel executive raised in war-torn Beirut and another from South Central Los Angeles, a reality TV star from Brooklyn and a Cuban-American chef […]

Blending Theory and Practice: Experiential Learning in Hospitality Curriculum

A Case Study of Student Projects for Industry Clients   By Michael Oshins and Joel Brown On the first day of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration’s (SHA) introductory hospitality course, Dr. Christopher Muller opens the class with the question, ”How do you teach hospitality?”  In his 2016 BHR article on the topic, Muller offers an […]