Mihaela Barokova

PhD in Developmental Science

  • Title PhD in Developmental Science
  • Office 152
  • Education Ph.D., Developmental Science, Boston University
    M.A., Psychology, Boston University, 2017
    B.A., Psychology, Macalester College, 2015

I am a PhD candidate in the Developmental Science program at BU. My research examines the language and communication of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. I am currently working on my dissertation project, which focuses on assessing the language abilities of traditionally under-represented populations in the field of autism research, namely minimally to low-verbal adolescents and non-Western, non-English speaking preschoolers with autism.

With the support of the Graduate Research Abroad Fellowship awarded by BU, I am currently conducting a study in my home country, Bulgaria, examining the expressive language and communication of typically developing children and children with autism there.

At CARE, I am also involved with the Eliciting Language Samples for Analysis (ELSA) project. As part of this study, I work on developing measures for assessing change in the expressive language of minimally-verbal children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

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