Timothy Kadish


Timothy Kadish (AR 779 – Public Art Administration) is a multimedia fine artist whose work focuses on a “space of becoming,” a sort of diagram or gathering of matter represented as sign and symbol. He has found a special affinity for artist materials and their various alchemical properties, and uses this awareness as a springboard to new work. Timothy continues to share his enthusiasm in the classroom through a variety of fine arts courses with focused themes on site-specific & studio art, fabrication, and installation. He received his MFA from Boston University and is a graduate of the Diploma and 5th Year Certificate programs at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, which culminated in the Traveling Scholars award. He has exhibited nationally and been published in numerous arts related sources. Timothy has also been recognized as an MCC Fellow in painting. His work continues to be collected by large organizations and small collectors alike.

“The MET School’s dynamic students bring with them a true global perspective and a desire to administer the next generation of the arts. I see my role as teacher to offer support and clarity on the nature of the creative condition.”