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There are 4 comments on Is Suing Visa the Best Way to Shut Down Pornhub?

  1. May I remind everyone that pornography is both an illegal and immoral trade. I have zero sympathy for anyone who “works” in this “field” and is propping up an industry that puts out pornography and knowingly has countless cases of explicit content from unconsenting individuals. Our country has plenty of respectable jobs and for years had significantly more openings than people looking for jobs. I’m glad that the feds are going after pornhub and I hope that they get the entire site shut down.

    1. Pornography may be immoral in your estimation, but anyone can have different estimations. But pornography being illegal? That’s just factually wrong. Pornography is completely legal with restrictions in place in different jurisdictions. Your view on pornography seems overly narrow and distorted. Consenting adults should be able to work in pornography if they choose so, as it’s legal. The revenge porn videos and others are not legal as they don’t involve consents, but they are not the whole of pornography.

    2. Pornography is in fact 100%. If it was not, how would adult video stores, legal brothels, and the entire adult film industry in California exist? You may not like it and find it immoral, but that does not mean it should not exist. In fact, in places like California and Nevada where it is legal and regulated, there are much fewer cases of abuse, trafficking, and crime. By pushing to criminalize pornography, aren’t we just regressing as a society once again as we did with overturning Roe vs. Wade? If an adult wants to put explicit content on lime and have some one pay them for it, who are we to stop them? If you don’t like it, don’t view it. I believe legalization and regulation will help get the criminal element out. However, if we criminalize the entire enterprise we are just inviting more bad actors in.

  2. It is naive to think that most pornography is consensual. Much of the porn involves abuse, trafficking and crime. In places like Nevada where it is legalized and regulated, it has only increased the demand and therefore increased trafficking as the industry brings in even more trafficked women to meet the demand. Many of the women are coerced and drugged in order to get them to perform

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