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There are 99 comments on How Light Turns Ordinary Hydrogen Peroxide into a MRSA Treatment

  1. Blue light has a wavelength range that is critical for this light to be called blue light! The devil is in the details when you are talking about the photon effect.
    Blue light range is 400-490 nm. What was the wavelength range of the LED light used?

      1. Can I please do the clinical trial I have had a lifelong battle with staph, I get it everywhere!!! I’m going to the doctor for staph Monday.It’s awful when it blows up and it happens to me every 3 or 4 years plus I’ve always had acne that gets huge and never pops just grows into huge boils. I was told by my dermatologist it was hormonal and he had tried all he had and now I’m gonna beginning to wonder if those are staph too. I’m going to the gynecologist this time because it’s not only in my nose, eyes, and corners of my lips I believe it is in my vaginal area now as well. I didn’t even know that was possible but I’m sure that’s what it is because I was already on two treatments of diflucan, and monistat and neither have helped and I’m bleeding in areas that should be bleeding.

        1. Just stumbled upon this article and read your cry for help. I hope that you’ve found some help and balance in your health. I was recently introduced to a diagnosis called Leishmaniasis that sounds similar and just awful. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this for so long. I read a lot about the gut being a large proponent of problems. Please consider working with a nutritionist to stave off any flair ups. Good luck to you.

        2. Can I request information on this? I am having the same issue with my arm eyes, nose, mouth, and vagina! How can you get rid of it?!

    1. This therapy be used at home or is this and in office or in hospital treatment? My mom has had recurrent MRSA infections and nothing has seemed to help displaying multiple rounds of antibiotics and she is currently receiving wound care treatments that have not healed her 3 chronic infection sites on her leg.
      I am a nurse and would love to see if this was a feasible solution to help her healing. In addition to the chronic wounds it has caused a tremendous amount of pain liberating her range of motion

    2. Dear Dr J.R. Webster,
      My name is Sandra Labounty, I am 54 and have been battling Staph infection unsuccessfully for over two years now. I I live in Vermont and travel to Dartmouth Hathcock with a team of Dermatologists. I have not seen any improvement. I have also tried essential oils and different remedies with no sucess. Please consider me for any testing with your blue light therapy.
      thank you for our time.

  2. Very pleased to read that efforts are underway with a non-antibiotics approach. You might come up with application of light on surfaces susceptible to cause infection or be carrier of MRSA. Onset Some ayurvedic painkillers may also help calming down abscess & drain faster. Is hydrogen peroxide used in combination or separately at stage 2 of treatment?

    1. The light power and dosage applied is below the ANSI safety limit for exposure on human skin. In our study, we also haven’t observed any photo-damage on human cells. The phototherapy works selectively on MRSA as MRSA has staphyloxanthin molecule, the golden pigment, on its cell membrane and it is vulnerable to blue light.

      1. Hello, is the email link you provided no longer in use? I tried to email you and it got rejected. Is there a new email to contact you? Thank you for this.

    2. You know that makes me think that you could also apply the Hydrogen Peroxide and go sit in the sun for a bit. UV is in sunlight.

  3. What might be interesting is the spectral absorption characteristic of the “Golden” color. Gold/yellow implies that every other wavelength other than yellow is absorbed – yellow being reflected.

    It begs the question of the spectral absorption characteristics of other bacteria . A feature of lasers is just how narrow they can be tuned. I do not wish to teach the Photomedicine group how to suck eggs.

    The flesh eating /necrotising bacteria would be another good target, as would some of the poisonous bite events proteins – the Stiletto snake for example.

  4. I have mrsa in my nostrils. How can I be treated with blue wavelength light? Before the diagnosis I was using benzoyl peroxide to treat the sores and it worked very well . I am on two antibiotics now. I was reluctant to try hydrogen peroxide just because of the tender tissue .

    1. Hi, Bill, thanks for sharing your info. Your condition can be potentially treated using a fiber-optic approach for light delivery. This application is under development now.

        1. I have had MRSA in both ears off and on for more then 6 yrs. I’m diabetic and having trouble fighting infections of any kind. Have you got a trial currently going. Or can you refer me to find some help with this.

  5. Hi There- my boyfriend has MRSA in the ears. When will this treatment be available and is there a trial right now?

      1. I was diagnosed with methicillin staph aureus in my right ear in Dec 2008 ( just so happened to have had surgery a few months before this) I’ve now had it come back about 5 times since and I don’t understand why these doctors cannot prescribe the appropriate antibiotics for this resistant strain. I am so tired of dealing with this.

      2. Is this treatment possible to do at home. I have had the worst time with what UVM medical center states as a rare strain of MRSA. I have had since moving into a recently renovated apartment about 5 years ago. I take antibiotics that don’t seem to work, as reoccurrence happens. I’m 41 and a single mom that has suffered a variety of unfortunate medical problems, mostly caused from horrible scarring. I currently have several spots now. I would be interested in connecting with a physician to gain more info about this. I’d like to see if I could do at home? Thanks.

  6. What a great application of Science to help humanity! Understanding the bacteria, finding the key sites or weaknesses which can be used, targeting them by developing the treatment methods, Hats off to you!

  7. Jie, have you looked into using 222nm? There is research showing it kills MRSA 99.9% without the use of hydrogen peroxide and will not damage healthy skin cells. Also, what is the percentage solution of peroxide you used in the study and did you spray it directly into the open wound of mice or just in the culture? Thanks for the very important research result you have shared, super bugs are going to be the cause of an estimated 10million deaths world wide in the next 30 years!

    1. Thomas, thanks for your comments and suggestion. So far, we haven’t investigated the 222 nm light yet considering this wavelength is in the UV range. In the mice study, we applied 0.045% hydrogen peroxide solution directly into the would area.

      1. Do you recommend the same percentage of hydrogen peroxide in humans or should you use typical dosage of 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide ? Thanks!

    2. https://www.suntechleds.com/regular-led-strip/uv-led-strip-light/far-uvc-led-light-207-220nm-222nm-far-uv-led.html reports a study led by David J. Brenner, the Higgins Professor of Radiation Biophysics at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia. They destroyed H1N1 aerosolized virus particles with 222 nm and no hydrogen peroxide. I am wondering about approximately 360-400 nm because that is what most of the cheap blue light flashlights on Amazon are (they are sold for seeing pet urine stains.)

  8. NH resident here, been fighting a recurrent mrsa infection for 3 years now. Where do I sign up to have these lasers shot into my nose and all over my body?

    1. Chris, we currently need to certain regulatory approval before we apply this novel phototherapy to human. The good news is that we are now working on it. If you are interested to be recruited in this study, please provide you contact info to me (email: jiehui@bu.edu) so we could reach you once we are ready. Best,

  9. This is awesome. My 9yr old has been diagnosed with MRSA twice already this year and has eczema on his legs. Interested in knowing if this treatment might work for him, and where to buy the light and how long to apply. Thank you.

  10. Jie,
    Good afternoon. can the blue light be bought otc as long as it is 470nm? Also is there any recommendation on the lumens? My 9 yr old has contacted MRSA twice this year and we would like to see if this works in case we can’t get him into see his dr early enough. Thank you.

    1. Thomas, thanks for your great interest! We would really hope to help you. But further tests are needed before direct application on human. Thus far, we are planning a clinical trial to evaluate its safety and effectiveness, and also the treatment regimen. Once we finished these tests, we could be able to offer you more details. Please provide your contact info to me (email: jiehui@bu.edu) so we can keep you updated in the future. Thanks. Best, Jie

  11. Hi, so good to hear that someone is giving attention to this issue, i have been getting mrsa since 5 years and antibiotics doesn’t work at all. How can i get this light and hydrogen peroxide? Is there any link you can send us where we can buy these things and can you make a short video of the procedure so we can understand how to do it more effectively. We will then let you know how it worked and it will be helpfull for evidence. Thanks again for helping us.

    1. Supermarkets sell hydrogen peroxide for about a dollar. Peroxide, vinegar and baking soda reduced my infection considerably. Apply in that order. Just add some water to the baking soda to make a paste. Search on Amazon for blue laser. Meanwhile sunshine helps. God bless you.

    2. Sara, thanks for your great interest! We totally understand you feeling and that why we think our technotogy could be helpful. Before the direct application for human, we have to perform clinical test on human to further evaluate its safety, efficacy, and the treatment regimen or parameters. Once we got there, we are good to share with you about the treatment. Please provide us your contact info (my email, jiehui@bu.edu) so that we could keep you updated and could potentially recruit you in our test if you are interested. Thanks! Best, Jie

  12. I would absolutely love to join the study if at all possible. I have had a serious widespread MRSA infection over basically every part of my body for a year, very painful. Often five abscesses on my face. I have taken several rounds of antibiotics and although it seems my immunity has gone up and this last time i have had the most success yet, but if i get a cut or acne it still quickly turns into a problem area. I am very interested in finding alternative treatments because im pretty positive being given antibiotics too many times in my life and not taking them right is why I got MRSA in the first place. Since my faces is the main place i suffer from it, it has really really affected my life, self esteem, ability to get a job,

    1. Madeline, thanks for your great interest in our technology! We fully understand your suffer. We are now planning a clinical trail to evaluate its efficacy, safety, and the treatment regimen. Please provide your contact info to us (email, jiehui@bu.edu) so we could keep you updated. Thanks! Best, Jie

    2. Thank you for this wonderful research. My wife and I have been suffering from mrsa infection for over 5 years now. It has affected her ability to conceive due to the spread of infection to her reproductive system. Your study provides a ray of hope for me and my family. We would love to be recruited for the trials if given the opportunity. Thank you.

  13. It’s really a great thing to know that people are trying to treat diseases without antibiotics…
    Can you please explain the protocol used for this treatment.

    1. Dr. Samir, thanks for your great interest in our work! We have tested our photo-therapy approach both in vitro and in vivo in a animal skin model (detailed in this publication, https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/advs.201900030). We are now working on an IRB right to evaluate its efficacy on human patients and to further test the treatment regimen. Please let us know if you have more specific questions or any chance for collaboration. Best, Jie

  14. Good to see a antibiotic treatment for staph is being trialled as a NATUROPATH now retired i have varied sucess with treating staph your own immune system is the key to the problem natural products such as pure aloe vera gel ,bleach,coconut oil,tamanu oil certain ess oils have been effective correct formulae are critical to the problem i do not recommend self treatment without advice from a qualified professional who has worked in this field staph is a very serious infection to manage

  15. I have had MRSA for a long time and believe myself to be colonized I have taken several types of antibiotics be several times each to no avail.So is pulsing be blue Lazer the best light treatment? where would I purchase this?why was such a dilute peroxide used?how concentrated of a solution can be used without excessive cell damage?I have heard of h204 being taken internally at a few drops diluted in water to help heal body.has this approach been evaluated.I would be interested in participating in clinical trials and am emailing my contact info

    1. Make sure that your blue light has option of pulsating I do believe this may be what bus the Mercer cell open I am not sure because I am not a doctor but I am trying to be a mad scientist on myself good luck just wanted to say make sure that it is pulsating blue light at 460 and where your orange goggles

  16. Non-thermal red light at 630-680nm combined with a sensitizer has been widely used to decolonize pathogenic bacteria including MRSA in a very wide variety of indications.
    Why re-invent the wheel?

  17. As I know Hydrogen Peroxide can not damage body cells. Damage virus bacterias can cancer cell that does not has oxidative defenses . Normal body cells has catalasa enzimes that protect body cells.

  18. You’re are genius. I have been dealing with this crap on my face since early January! Doctor after doctor , er, four Derm’s They give this Medcine that Medcine until I finally demanded a lab culture. Of course I’ve tried Manuka, tea tree, oregano, u name it! It has left me so depressed not leaving my house for now six weeks. In hindsight it was ok with the corona virus I havent been subjected to germs . But honestly I have read and read Up nights so depressed about my face as I’m awaiting the lab barely see any results. Currently on doxycycline, mupirocin and ciclopirox ! Last night I say god made me stumble across your article. Well then I Happen to own a blue light of course I’m soo desperate I got up at 3am . Put hydrogen with blue light and pulse ! Omg it’s night and day see all that golden color which until your article I couldn’t figure wth it was yellowish beige tan , pus white head but now it all makes sense. Seriously you have changed my life! ❤️ Just in time to want to leave the house when we will probably be on lock down!!‍♀️But me is back with my self esteem!!!!

    1. Dear Michelle,

      We are more than glad and happy to hear that our technique could help you alleviate the symptoms on your face. Thanks for your attention and kind reply to our work.
      Stay safe.


    2. Hi what kind of blue light did you use? Where can i buy one? My mom has been dealing with that for over 2 months and its spreading. Please help and detail out the process.. What kind of blue light? How long do you leave it on? Hydrogen after or before the light?

    1. Since this particular blue light does not emit UV light, I would say you could leave it on as long as you wanted. Use eye protection, though, as the light is very intense. I have opted to shine the light into the bathtub with me(with a VERY carefully constructed mechanism for holding the light and shining it into the water) while my body is submerged in water with about a 6% H202 concentration. I have severe eczema that has been cured by using this method. Similarly, the same effect can be achieved using an outdoor pool with direct sunlight….assuming you use strictly H202 as a pool cleaner(chlorine will not work and will make eczema worse). But one must also remember that the light from the sun is not without UV rays, while the blue light has none.

      1. daisy please don’t tell ppl to sit in 6% peroxide!that will harm them. maybe you meant to add an amount of it to a pool of water?
        thanks dr’s, and all helpful comments.

  19. Could this technology be made portable and used by public for removing bacteria such as Covid19 from shopping carts, grocery items etc?

  20. I am a 49 year old female. I was recently diagnosed (after 6 weeks) with Macoplasma Pneumonia. Doxycycline (10 days) did not work, Biaxin (10 days) did not work. I just started Levaquin.
    Can you point me in the direction of someone that does the blue light therapy to totally get rid of this bacteria? Obviously I’m resistant to 2 of the antibiotics that fight this.
    Thank you!

  21. I have a number of awarded patents on the antimicrobial effects of oxidizing agents and radiation (light). We should visit.

  22. I’m on my 3rd antibiotic (Levaquin) to fight this bacteria. It’s been 8 weeks. My husband and son have it too! I got it from a child in my classroom. I am severely inflamed in my ribs (CRP-55) and WBC- 12.15. My white blood cells are high trying to fight this bacteria. There is an outbreak in Charleston, SC!!
    How can we sign up to have this done?

  23. Hello, you mentioned the wave length of the pulsed light. What about the mW(milliwatts) used ? I’m assuming it’s on the lower end (<50-100 mW) since its non-burning. And, lastly what about the beam waist (beam focus) used? Or direct me in the right direction to answer my questions.

    Thank you so much for all your and your team's hard work and thank you for taking the extra time to answer everyones question. Just shows how much caring you all have in helping others.

  24. When will this treatment be available? Like others I would love to be in a clinical trial. Thank you and your team for tackling this issue.

  25. I am donating myself to be your guiene pig test patient, who do I contact? 2 years ago I almost died from sepsis due to MRSA and since has come back twice. I have a current reinfection that flated yesterday and it’s taking over, I can feel my cells rupturing again. Antibiotics aren’t cutting it and they mess up all functions of your GI tract and inflammation responses of the body. Thank you for finding this and my fingers are crossed it becomes useful because it’s scary that something so small and so easy to get becomes dangerous so fast and it takes over your whole body! It hijacks it. Idk how something without a brain can be such so forceful and survivors.

  26. A dental curing light is 460 nano meters of light wavelength (need orange dental safety glasses). I can’t wait to read your clinical trials.

    1. You can go on Amazon and search up led light therapy and you will find a variety of options. I am currently using Newkey LED Face Mask from Amazon and it has a flash mode that I use in combination with the blue light. This works like a charm. I used to feel a lot of tingling when I first started this treatment but now barely feel any tingling and the redness from the rash has gone away. Persistent use of this treatment is key.

  27. I have boils of mrsa coming one after another and they are big and painful, how can I treat it with a blue light therapy and hidrogen peroxide? What kind of blue light do I use any suggestions? And what are the directions to kill mrsa?

  28. Thanks for your work!
    This reminds me of another research where they combined blue light with ultrasound to break bacterial biofilms (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrAXMIaR2Zs). Do you think it might be useful for you to try adding ultrasound to the mix?
    Both solutions work on the surface of skin. It would be awesome to see some research on using blue light to treat internal infections (for example in GI tract).

  29. But this first solution that can be used is blue light therapy and hidrogen peroxide mixed what are the instructions for that to kill mrsa? What do I do?

  30. Not sure if I had mrsa but both my ankles had these marks that looked infected and wouldn’t go away. So I saw your article and did this myself. 2 days later great improvement almost completely dried.

  31. Hello I have had MRSA since 2009 and I don’t have any sores from my MRSA and I can’t take the antibiotics do to an allergic reaction.Im needing to know if is still possible to be part of the study please Teresa

  32. Hi, not sure if this are still active. Would the blue light and hydrogen peroxide work on someone who got pneumonia because of the mrsa and is not responding to antibiotics? How could someone go about getting this treatment?

  33. I’d like to say THANK YOU, thank you so much for being kind and generous, and very intelligent of course. You are kind and patient for responding patiently and kindly to the many comments from people who clearly are not reading through the information already provided several times.. lol that is not my purpose for writing this comment . No , I’m saying thank you so much for choosing to actually help people by sharing freely , the very little that needs to be known to actually help themselves. You have chosen to care first and profit last and for this I’m so very proud of you for. If more fine people cared first and profited last , the world would be a much, much kinder place.
    May your lives be blessed as you have blessed many with this discovery . Well done, bravo

  34. My son acquired a staph after surgery. He is currently at home with a PICC line for antibiotics as no pediatric infectious disease dr would take him on. If anyone sees this is there somewhere we can take him to try this Soon? I am terrified he is going to lose his leg, or his life. We have insurance.

    1. dear rachel ochre. my husband has had MRSA is fighting it also. We use homeopathy, herbals ( See the Book by Stephen Harrod Buhner HerbalsAntibiotics and Also Herbal Antivirals for Covid.) Now listen, my husbands lower legs got big fat carbuncle things on them everywhere then turned the leg skin almost black. I looked at those legs and said, Gangarene to myself. I remembered hearing stories about World War II vets serving in New Zealand and Australia. Japanese were bombing all supply ships, no meds, morphine etc getting through. Devastating wounds were being amputated. One nurse said, Lets try some honey on those wounds. Well I heard a lot of men were spared of that vastly procedure. Contacted someone and got ahold of the Manuka Honey. My husband walked around with that sticky mess on his legs for about two weeks. Color faded from black to purple to dark orange etc until gone! I told my doctor , who thank God treats the whole person and body and goes along with my innovative ways. You have nothing to lose. Manuka is not cheap. Do it! If that is not working also use a good local wildflower honey. I am using Manuka on some necrotizing oozing wounds on his rear end……I am seeing a clearing of the skin. The wound stopped growing ( size of a dime). Keep legs clean.I buy 35% peroxide by the Gallon and break it down to 3 % myself. About 1 ounce peroxide and Distilled water by my machine or by stream distilled ( 9 to 11 ounces to your 1 ounce peroxide makes 12ounces. Haven’t bought peroxide in about 15 years. Your Gallon will last you years. Use Manuka or wildflower liberally. Honey is also like an antibiotic without the bad side effects. A spoonful three times a day internally is good.

  35. So happy to read so much. I have Mrsa all over my scalp.
    It is very itchy. It seem I just have to touch my scalp tenderly and another stop pops up.
    I’ve been on so much antibiotics, and they haven’t helped.

    How would I use a blue light and the peroxide on my head?
    How long for the light to be use?

    Thank you so very much.

  36. Any progress with finding a cure for MRSA yet?

    I have a friend who is suffering from this disease,
    I wish I could help her out but it seems like there’s still
    no cure for it

  37. I read this article with great excitement. I live in Australia, and as far as I can research no one is onto to this type of therapy.
    Following a motorcycle crash in 2015, amongst the many fractures I received , i fractured my R illiac crest, and it was surgically repaired with chain and screws to put the five fractured pieces together. After being moved from ICU to a general ward, I was wisked away one day into a single room, nurses wearing full yellow disposal suits and masks. When I asked what was going on they said ur blood test today indicates you may have a staph infection, and sure enough it was, because of the deep tissue surgery they said.
    so the MRSA is obviously living in the jewelery they placed in my side, with a tract running up to the skin surface with a 5mm opening, which weeps all day, every day. I know there are people much worse off than me, as I have been told by many surgeons. i have been treated with Vancomycin via a pic line (back in 2015) and I have had three debridement surgeries 2015, 2016, 2017, with no success. I have also tried a number of herbal remedies, and therapies with no luck at all. I would love any info on whom might be trialling this therapy in Australia. thanks

  38. Hello Jie Hui,

    heavens bless you people who make attempts at curing the awful MRSA complications, with your ideas and innovations. Like so many MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SUFFERING the horrible effects of the stubborn bacteria, I too have been on the heart-breaking never-ending merry-go-round of trials and ‘half-assed temporary “cures”! <:-/ ..for about a decade, still hanging around!!! (?!) Needless to say, I basically do not 'have a life', as I generally find it humiliating to step outside my home! Some people have even thought that I was a drug addict, with my facial skin.. too, looking so awful, even when I've never tried drugs, other than MJ when I was young! ..dang, I should 'just' get back with it, who should care now.. I'm just existing, not living! It is now January the 28th, 2022. To what WEB SITE address could you send us, to read more about the progress you might have done, if any?! Again thank you so much, for lighting a way, to where we might find LIFE, once more.. at least! <3



  39. I’m happier just to know there’s some hope at killing MRSA. I’VE HAD ENOUGH and it’s now begun to scare me i.e my mortality as the frequency of the returning attacks have worsened.
    I’m a breast cancer (survivor). The first bout didn’t kill it. Sadly, it metastasized to my chest wall. A double mastectomy/Taxel/radiation and a hysterectomy is most probably the reason I’m alive.. 20 years of survival! Somewhere, along the course of many surgeries, MRSA found a home inside of me. I’ve been having severe outbreaks on my back and arms. Staphylococcus Aureus has ruined what could have been my enjoying Golden years filled with activities and making new friends.
    Please, I’m begging you all to allow me to participate in your clinical trials. Though, I live in Brevard County, FL, I’ll fly, drive or walk to where you are. I hate complaining; I apologize for doing so, as my life was spared for reasons unknown to me. I still feel I deserve a few more quality years void of illness and pain. Thank you so much for the research done in this day and age of Covid 19 and it’s counterparts.
    God bless us all for supporting each other when turning a blind eye could be a reaction to the tumult we are living with.

    1. Margie Edgar
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation and bless you for sharing your story.
      God has a plan for us all and we have no idea what he will do with us I believe.
      I too also have been carrying MRSA for about 12 years now and I know how it changes your life dramatically physically and emotionally.
      You will be in my prayers and God bless you and I hope everyday is less painful and more satisfying for you.

  40. How long is the blue light used at one time on the infection and how does it work on deep infection the isn’t open to light? I had what I thought was a pimple on my face back in 2008 and tried to pop it and my face swelled up and I looked like I had a softball on the side of my jaw. I was hospitalized for 5 days and given a very strong antibiotic and was sent home with more antibiotics. It went away for a while and I would get little pop ups here and there and every time it would go away it would leave scars where the MRSA was. It went from my face and then one time in 2010 I got it in my hip. I started having stomach issues a little later and my doctor started me on miralax. I am not a doctor and don’t know if it would work for anybody else, but after I started taking miralax my MRSA went away. I stopped the Miralax and the MRSA would come back. I have now been on Miralax for 8 years per my gastroenterologist (I get constipation) and I do not get infections anymore. I hope this might help somebody if they can tolerate the miralax.

  41. With the dental blue light of (460 nanometers), you need orange protective eyewear–or don’t look at the blue light while in use for a couple minutes.

    The blue light will ruin the eyes otherwise, if you look at it (460 nm).

    And using hydrogen peroxide 1.5% for only a couple of minutes won’t cause normal cell death or interfere with fibroblasts forming during the skin healing process.

  42. Maybe I’m not seeing it but as someone who recently contracted mrsa and have other health problems I am scared wish there was a hub/group where we can share findings. That being said. I have been doing my own research. Thanks to all of you for what you have shared Im trying some of these methods.

    I’d like to add there is not much data but there is some research on Elecampane shown to have a strong effect against MRSA. Claims even that it is 100% effective but also may have an effect on blood pressure so keep that in mind. Do your hw but maybe this is worth a shot. Good luck I’ll be checking in when I can.

  43. To anyone active here keep searching and posting your findings. If you have any groups or sources recommend we are all in this fight together! Through some search I’m not sure if we can post links here. There are a number of things I’ve found they may help including a new antibiotic coming out, a method of destroying the biofilms (the sticky strong cell wall that masked MRSA so hard to kill from what I understand), a cholesterol/blood pressure medication that has unexpected and surprisingly good affects on mrsa. Also a two newer procedures. One where they take your cells and bio engineer them to target mrsa specifically and another if I’m not mistaken using bacteria to kill itself. Search for these maybe they can also be used in addition to the blue light.
    Stay strong feel free to reply to me here

  44. Is there any clinical trial going on in the US I have a sister that is very much in need of this clinical trial she is a cancer survivor and I hate to see Mersa kill her

  45. In addition to treatment, kindly try vegetarian food, less carbs, zero sugar, controlled tea or coffee, if possible avoid processed food. Food habit goes a long way in managing immunity & infections. Some foods make our bodies tasty & intrude-able for microbes while some doesn’t.

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