MFA Painting Exhibition

April 15-26 2021

Davis Arney
Bridget Bailey
Meera Chauhan
Liam Corcoran
Sarah Elliott
Danielle Fretwell
Georganna Greene
Amanda Hawkins
Landon Jones
Kaitlyn Malinowski
Shantel Miller
Bradley Milligan
Josh Rondeau
Anvi Shah
Joni Sullivan
Mosheh Tucker
Aisling Wilson

The MFA program in Painting connects the interests, sensibilities, and lived experiences of each student with the expansive possibilities of the medium. Students develop distinct artistic practices which, collectively, yield a wide array of material and conceptual approaches. Though their work takes many forms, overlapping interests emerge: time, landscape, attention, embodiment, movement, logic, and language. These seventeen extraordinary artists have grown in tandem with one another, sharing their challenges, successes, and failures. They’ve proven that the regularity of a practice, no matter how reliable or experimental, provides stability. Through the vantage of their studios and the commitment to their work, these students have witnessed and made sense of a time of great turbulence and transformation.

– Josephine Halvorson, Professor of Art and Chair of Graduate Studies in Painting, April 2021

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