BFA 2022 Thesis Exhibition

Connection Lines

Adaptability, resilience, and connectivity – all are traits embodied by the artists in Connection Lines. These artists, 2022 BFA graduates, demonstrate deep care for their work and community which manifests in intrepid painting, drawing, design, sculpture, and installation. These artists are linked by a sense of interdependence in their work; collectively, through a range of interdisciplinary approaches, they consider shared experiences that shape their artistic vision.

The use of lines – literal or figurative – connects this group. Lines of thread become outward-reaching shadows. Lines of unexpected or time-tested materials become a choreography of vibrating shapes. Lines that squiggle and twist play with our perception. These lines are made through careful processes and rituals that inform practices, materiality, and aesthetics. These pliable connection lines connect these students as they stretch beyond school into their work as artists and designers.

Leah Triplett Harrington
Curator, Here + There