Archaeology Summer Research Updates

Tel Shimron Excavation: The Tel Shimron Excavation seeks to understand the ancient world, including the world of the Bible, through rigorous archaeological investigation, in order to provide resources for the study of Levantine history and culture over the last five thousand years.  Kali Wade and Kathleen Forste. The Stélida Naxos Archaeological Project: The Stélida Naxos Archaeological […]

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The Levantine Ceramics Project (LCP)

The Levantine Ceramics Project (LCP) is an open, interactive website focused on ceramics produced in the Levant from the Neolithic era (c. 5500 B.C.E.) through the Ottoman period (c. 1920 C.E.). Here you can submit and find information—whether long published or newly discovered—about ceramic wares, shapes, specific vessels, scientific analyses, kiln sites, and chronology. The […]

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Professor Andrea Berlins’ Levantine Ceramic Project LCP is the top feature in the Biblical Archaeology Society’s daily email blast!

Archaeological Views: Pottery in the Computer Age As published in the September/October 2016 Biblical Archaeology Review Andrea Berlin   •  10/03/2016 BAR readers know there is no place on Earth more intensively investigated archaeologically than the Levant. As a corridor between east and west, north and south, as well as the center of gravity for […]

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