PhD, Archaeology, 2020

Curriculum Vita


Areas of Interest

Mesoamerican Archaeology and Art History; Classic Maya; Art and Architecture; Material/Resource Histories; Relational Ontologies; Digital Archaeology

Select Publications

Mary E. Clarke and Rachel Gill
Under Review       Those that Labored in Limestone: Household Labor and Resource Contributions at Xultun, Guatemala. Ancient Mesoamerica.

Mary E. Clarke
In Press              Myth, Ritual, and the Classic Maya Sweat Bath. RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics, vols. 77/78.

Rachel Horowitz, Mary E. Clarke, and Kenneth Seligson
2021                 Querying Quarries: Material Extraction in the Maya Lowlands. Journal of Field Archaeology 46(8): 551–570.

Mary E. Clarke, Ashley Sharpe, Elizabeth Hannigan, Megan Carden, Gabriella Velasquez Luna, Boris Beltran, and Heather Hurst.
2021                 Revisiting the Past: Material Negotiations between the Classic Maya and an Entombed Sweat Bath at Xultun, Guatemala. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 31(1):67–94.

Mary Clarke
2015                 The Digital Dilemma: Preservation and the Digital Archaeological Record.” Advances in Archaeological Practice 3(4):313–330.


Courses Taught

AR 100             Great Discoveries in Archaeology
AR 101             Introduction to Archaeology
AR 201             The Americas Before Columbus
AR/AH 251      Ancient Maya Civilization
AR 505             Digital Archaeology
AH 457/557      Pre-Columbian Art History: Mesoamerica & the Andes
ARTHI 186O    Art and Animate Matter: Classic Maya Visual Culture
CTXT 122         Visual Culture in Context: Making Modernities (Global Ren to Modern)