Black Alumni Leadership Council

The Black Alumni Leadership Council was created to provide counsel to Boston University and the Alumni Association to help strengthen the University in its entirety by establishing productive interaction among Black alumni, students, faculty, and staff. The council will channel its efforts toward broadening opportunities for Black communities at Boston University, and maximizing Black alumni participation in the life and support of the University.

Our legacy

From its inception, Boston University was conceived as a place of tolerance, opportunity, and hope.

Because of this founding principle, Black students were welcomed here for many decades when they were rejected elsewhere. Leaders of the civil rights movement—most notably Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (GRS’55, HON’59)—found their voices here. And we are a better University because of the diversity of thought and experience we have long enjoyed on our campuses.

BU’s Black community has created a story that’s worth remembering, assessing, and celebrating—even as its next chapters are being written. Learn more about BU’s Black Alumni Legacy.