Gift bolsters Arts & Sciences in Action

Arts & Sciences Think Tank
Students gather in the Arts & Sciences Think Tank.

The College of Arts & Sciences has received an anonymous gift of $2.5 million from one of its alumni to support the Arts & Sciences in Action initiative, which seeks to ensure that undergraduate students have the tools and opportunities to explore and discover the tremendous range of possibilities within Arts & Sciences that will maximize their degree experiences and prepare them for whatever the future might hold.

Arts & Sciences in Action, a top priority within the Arts & Sciences 2030 Strategic Plan, includes the creation of a Connector Office for Arts & Sciences to encourage students to navigate the impressive range of hands-on learning opportunities that are available to them at BU, enabling these students to gain experience in taking their learning into action, while also tapping into career development and alumni networks; developing cutting-edge, co-taught, interdisciplinary courses; and adopting inclusivity into introductory-level courses, among other activities.

The Arts & Sciences in Action initiative will also provide more access to opportunities through scholarships for unpaid internships and fieldwork.

“This gift will help undergraduates navigate Arts & Sciences in a way that they can explore all of their interests from the moment they arrive and help them prepare for their lives after graduation,” says Arts & Sciences Dean Stan Sclaroff. “Ultimately, this program will help CAS reach its full potential as a place where all undergraduates have an experience grounded in exploration and discovery.”

The gift will provide funding for numerous elements of Arts & Sciences in Action, including the Connector, which will help undergraduates find and follow clear paths in experiential learning, professional development, and networking.

“I am proud to help students have the best possible experience at CAS,” says the donor. “I encourage my fellow alumni to support the exciting initiative, too, and to know that they will be directly helping young people prepare for fulfilling lives and careers, at BU and well beyond.”