How to get a job before graduation

The month of May can seem so close and so far away, all at the same time. One thing is for certain though, you’re probably sick of hearing the question “what are you doing after graduation?”. Don’t worry, the Alumni Association has some tips for stopping this question in its tracks and landing your next great opportunity!


You’ll hear this time and time again during your professional life: networking with the right people is vital to advancing your career. The Career Advisory Network, also known as CAN, is a great place to start! Students and alumni can access over 8,000 alumni volunteers (known as CAN advisors) who are eager to assist fellow Terriers with informational interviews, long-term mentoring, résumé review, and/or job shadowing.

Study up

You’re probably thinking, “really, more studying?” Fortunately, yes! You’ll have to explore job postings, do some reading on the companies you’re inquiring about, review LinkedIn to see if any BU alums are working there, etc. You can also consider the following webinars on how to launch your career.

Stay connected

The Alumni Association isn’t some fancy club with a ridiculous membership fee. It’s actually an organization you become a part of automatically after receiving your diploma and #HumbleBrag we’re pretty awesome. So as your life changes, help us help you – when you land a job, move to a new city, or find yourself not checking you BU email as often, be sure to update your information with us. This way, we can keep you updated on events in your area, new and exciting benefits, and maybe even send a birthday wish from Rhett!

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