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The Gold Road

The Gold Road Interactive Map highlights the people, places, and items related to the medieval Sudanic empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai. Gold, the region’s most valuable resource, moved along regional and trans-Saharan routes reaching as far north as France. The Gold Road invites users to explore hundreds of topics related to the empires and their role in global history.


Global Literacy Exchanges with Ghana

In the 22-23 year, we developed a curriculum for elementary teachers to engage students across two settings with three books: Gizo Gizo by Emily Williamson, Nana Akua Goes to School by Tricia Elam Parker, and Mama’s Amazing Cover Cloth by Ruby Aya Goka. Elementary teachers can use these lessons on the three books with theirrr own classrooms.  Check out our site for the curriculum and to see the children’s connections, collaborations and their meaning-making while reading and telling stories together.


South Africa: Confronting Apartheid E-Book

South Africa: Confronting Apartheid E-Book: This 4-chapter, open-source E-Book, developed by Facing History and Ourselves in partnership with the Boston University African Studies Center explores critical moments in South Africa’s history, including the period prior to European colonization, the period of colonization, the development of policies based on racial segregation, and the development of the apartheid state. It further discusses anti-apartheid movements and the institutions, policies, and principles put in place to facilitate the development of a non-racial democracy. Lastly, this resource includes both the growth of race rule and resistance to white rule.


Centering Africa in STEAM Education

Lessons, books, and videos compiled for the teacher workshop held on October 16th, 2021 

Click Here  to access the PDF view of resource list.


BU African Artifact Map & Teaching Ideas

The K-16 Education Outreach Program Artifact Map contains a catalogue of over 80 artifacts, that we currently hold (in our online library as well), from several regions of Africa including West Africa, Eastern/Central Africa, and Southern Africa. Teachers use this resource to engage their students, who click on any artifact on the map (images included) and find a list of resources about the artifact’s origins, background, and history.