Politics & Economy

  • Rethinking International Development in the post-war era: A lesson. 
  • Africa in the Cold War, an excellent overview of key texts and core developments of this era.
  • Modern Africa: Unit Plan and Lesson Excerpts Created by high school teacher Rachel Otty, this resource frames students’ understanding of how they should consider the study of Africa. Students will spend a week studying economic issues, specifically the debate surrounding international economic aid.
  • What Can Outsiders Do? Madeline Uraneck wrote this letter from Lesotho where she serves as a teacher coach. Until recently Madeline was a key leader and official in global education for the state of Wisconsin. Here she leads again, this time with a provocative message on helping Africa.
  • Meeting of the Minds Lesson: A lesson which centers the lives of African leaders of decolonization. Students take on their roles and think about how they would bring their lens to solve African challenges. Extend this lesson by bringing their lens to solve global challenges as well!

Political Struggle against Apartheid


  • African Democracy Simulation Activity
    In this simulation, students will study the politics around an upcoming election in the fictional African country of Mambia. In different groups, students will study the perspectives of and represent one of seven community organizations in a national meeting. In this meeting, students must develop collective goals for Mambia’s civil society for responding to the growing authoritarianism of the incumbent leader, President Jones.  This innovative and engaging lesson plan includes procedures, readings, and handouts.

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