Affiliated Researchers

The African Studies Center welcomes Visiting Researchers and Research Affiliates—post-doctoral researchers in a wide array of fields and regional specialties within African studies—as part of its scholarly community. Affiliate researchers are often invited to share publications, lectures, and updates with the ASC community and receive access to BU library and archival resources, among other benefits.

Guidelines for Research Affiliations

Current Affiliated Researchers

  • Sara Berry

    Economic history, political economy of development, Nigeria, Ghana

  • Jean Borgatti

    Nigeria, African arts and culture production

  • Barbara Brown

    K-12 African studies education; Retired Director, BU African Studies Outreach Program

  • Dan Connell

    Human rights and development in transitional societies; refugees, forced migration and trafficking; Eritrea, Sudan

  • Jeanne Koopman

    Economic and environmental history of the Senegal River Valley

  • Samantha Lakin

    transitional justice, human security, international negotiation, gender and identity, oral history testimonies in post-atrocity settings, Great Lakes region of Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Uganda)

  • Victor Manfredi

    Igbo, Yoruba, and African Diaspora linguistics

  • Ivor Miller

    Nigeria, Cuba, performance; personal website

  • Susanne Mueller

    Democratization, conflict, development; eastern and southern Africa; personal website

  • Daivi Rodima-Taylor

    Mutual help associations and cooperative work; fiduciary culture, savings/credit, and remittances; informal public authority and vigilantism; land and resource tenure; Tanzania; eastern Africa

  • Noel Twagiramungu

    Research Interests: Global governance, human rights, identity politics, Great Lakes region

  • Tim Weiskel

    Cartography, West Africa, African Historical Graphics Archives

  • David Westley

    Oral tradition; Hausa folklore; Retired Bibliographer, African Studies Library