Study Abroad in Africa

Maruhubi Palace Ruins
Inaugural group of BU students at Maruhubi Palace Ruins, Zanzibar, summer 2013

Undergraduates interested in studying in Africa have a number of options open to them through BU Study Abroad. The African Studies Center works continuously with Study Abroad to increase and improve these opportunities in an effort to improve student training and provide foreign language study in the most  effective way—through immersion in the culture. Ready for adventure and new experiences?

Rabat Language & Liberal Arts Program

In the heart of Rabat’s medina, students live, learn, and explore the language and culture of North Africa. Three programs are now available in Rabat:

Rabat Arabic Studies Program (fall only)

Rabat Internship Program (fall only) New! Link coming soon.

Rabat Language & Service Learning Program (summer only)

Summer Program in Zanzibar, Tanzania

As the crossroads of African, Persian, Arab, Indian, and European cultures for nearly two millenia, the islands of Zanzibar provide a unique setting in which to explore issues of religion, ethnicity, race, gender, class, and politics in East Africa. This program explores the history of Zanzibar as a center of international trade, slavery, and colonial expansion, the legacies of social division and political centralization left by colonial rule, and the ways in which Zanzibar’s experience differs from and interacts with the histories of Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, and other neighboring states. Zanzibar is also an ideal setting for intensive study of Swahili, the most widely spoken African language.

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  • Beit-el-Sahel Palace, Stone Town, Zanzibar

    Zanzibar Program 2014 consisted of six students representing three universities.

  • Spice Farm Tour

    Zanzibar is sometimes called the Spice Island and for good reason--it is one the world's largest producers of cloves. A visit to a spice farm is an island must and an enjoyable excursion to the countryside.

  • Sailing by Dhow

    Excursions to all corners of the island are taken over the six week program, sometimes by dhow.

  • Language Partners

    Students are matched with those from our partnering institution, the State University of Zanzibar, in a cross-cultural and language exchange partnership.

  • Stone Town I

    After off-loading a day's catch, a dhow sails home. Stone Town's beaches are popular for exercising and impromptu youth soccer games.

  • Stone Town II

    The Zanzibar Program begins just as the rainy season ends. Evenings are relatively cool and sunsets unforgettable.


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