Transfer Units

The BU Hub is a Boston University program, and all Hub requirements must be fulfilled at the University or through Advanced Unit Examinations taken prior to matriculation. Courses offered through other universities do not fulfill Hub requirements. Students may choose to take courses at another institution to meet other degree requirements (check the Bulletin and consult with your advisor about your program’s policies), but these courses may not be used to meet Hub requirements.

Many courses offered through Boston University’s Study Abroad programs fulfill Hub requirements. These courses are BU courses, even though they are not taken on the Charles River Campus.

Students who enter Boston University as transfer students do not fulfill Hub requirements with transfer courses, even if those transfer courses are granted BU course equivalency. The BU Hub Transfer Student Curriculum was designed to acknowledge general education coursework completed at a student’s previous institution while ensuring that transfer students develop the breadth of knowledge and essential skills required of all BU undergraduates.