Suspension or Dismissal

University Policy

Graduate Medical Sciences Policy

GMS reserves the right to academically withdraw, suspend, or dismiss a student at any time for reasons of scholarship or conduct. Satisfactory academic standing will be assessed at both the program level by the standards set forth by the individual program and the GMS level by the academic standards set forth by GMS. Failure to meet the academic standards at the program level and/or GMS level may result in suspension or dismissal.


A student suspended or dismissed by a GMS program for academic performance reasons may petition for reinstatement. Such students must submit a letter to the Associate Provost for GMS requesting reinstatement within fourteen (14) days of receipt of notice of suspension or dismissal. The letter must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Explanation for unsatisfactory academic performances
  • Clear outline of how to improve performance if reinstated
  • Support letter from the faculty advisor or program director

Reinstatement of a suspended student is always subject to probationary status. In the event a student is reinstated, it is important for the student and faculty advisor or program director to review and assess the student’s progress.

A student who has been reinstated following academic suspension must achieve satisfactory academic standing.