Adding or Dropping a Course

University Policy

Graduate Medical Sciences Policy

Students wishing to add or drop a course may do so through online registration on the MyBU Student Portal or by completing the Class Adjustment Request Form available on the GMS website. The Class Adjustment Request Form requires the signature of the student’s faculty advisor and/or course manager, and should be submitted to the GMS registrar.

Some courses cannot be added after the first week of class. No course may be added after the end of the second week of class.

A standard course dropped during the first five (5) weeks of class will not appear on the student’s permanent record. A standard course dropped after the first five (5) weeks of classes will appear on the student’s record as a Withdraw grade (W), and the student will be charged for the course. For nonstandard courses, check the MyBU Student Portal for the deadlines to drop a course with or without a W.

Students are held responsible for completion of any course registered for unless they officially withdraw by the deadline set by the University Registrar described above or change to the status of auditor before the sixth week of class.

Standard courses may be dropped up to the end of the tenth week of class. After the tenth week, no course may be dropped. See important registration dates on the University Registrar website.

Financial aid will not cover courses taken as audits or for no units. For exceptions, see Continuing Student Status under Registration.