University Policy

Graduate Medical Sciences Policy

The goal of Disability & Access Services (DAS) is to provide services and support to ensure that students are able to access and participate in opportunities available at Boston University. In keeping with this objective, students in GMS are encouraged to utilize the resources of Disability & Access Services to the degree they determine necessary.

Dr. Theresa Davies, assistant dean for graduate affairs, serves as the liaison between GMS and the Disability & Access Services office located on the Charles River Campus. Please contact her (tdavies@bu.edu or 617-358-9546) with any disability and access services questions.

How to Obtain Disability & Access Services

Please complete the following steps to gain service.

  • Contact the Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs in GMS (tdavies@bu.edu, 617-358-9546) and make a request to start the Disability & Access Services process.
  • Complete the BU DAS Intake Form.
  • Make an appointment with one of the DAS staff members on the Charles River Campus by calling 617-353-3658 or emailing access@bu.edu.
  • Provide documentation to Dr. Lorraine Wolf, director of Disability & Access Services, in a scheduled meeting or by faxing (617-353-9646) or emailing (access@bu.edu) documents in advance.
  • Following approval by the DAS and the Provost of the Medical Campus, Dean of BU Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine (Dr. Karen Antman), the student will be notified of accommodations by GMS.
  • Student completes the GMS Accommodation Release Form.
  • GMS notifies Course Directors of the accommodation.