University Policy

Graduate Medical Sciences Policy

General Instruction

An officially registered student is one who has (i) submitted course selections on a registration form or through online registration, (ii) paid or settled all charges, and (iii) received an approved receipt from Student Accounting Services.

Candidates for admission may not register until they receive a formal statement of acceptance. Matriculated students should register under the direction of GMS.

GMS students should consult with the GMS Registrar’s office or view the GMS website for detailed instructions concerning the procedures to be followed during the announced registration period. Students must be registered for any regular term or summer term during which a degree requirement is completed or when University facilities are used.

Registration must be completed within the official registration period to avoid a late fee. Registration deadlines are posted on the University Registrar’s website.

All continuing students in good academic standing with an active Boston University email address may register online via MyBU Student Portal. A student should meet with their faculty advisor or the program director to discuss course selection. An Advising Access Code should be obtained. The Advising Access Code is required to register online for the fall and spring terms. Registration for summer terms usually does not require an Advising Access Code unless specifically dictated by the program. However, a student should still meet with their faculty advisor prior to summer registration.

Failure to register for two consecutive fall/spring terms without having been granted an authorized leave of absence may result in termination of degree status, thus dismissal from GMS.

Full-Time Students

A GMS student can be a full-time student by enrollment or by certification.

  1. By enrollment:
    A student enrolled in 12 to 18 units per term will be considered full time and will be charged full tuition and fees. A student may register for more than 18 units only with approval of their program director and the GMS registrar. Tuition for each unit above 18 will be charged per unit hour.
  2. By certification:
    A student registered for fewer than 12 units but otherwise engaged in full-time study, e.g., by participating in research pertinent to the completion of degree requirements, or gaining competence in the field of study, may be certified as a full-time student. Such students must submit the Certified Full-Time Form to the GMS registrar during the official registration period. This form is only complete with the signature of the faculty advisor and/or program director.

A student enrolled in a PhD degree program must maintain full-time status by enrollment.

Part-Time Students

All part-time students who are candidates for degrees must register each regular term for up to 11 units until all departmental course requirements are completed. Continuing students (see below) may register for less than one 2-unit course.

Continuing Students

After completing all departmental or program didactic course requirements, MA and MS candidates must register each regular term as a continuing student (tuition charge equivalent to 2 units) until all remaining degree requirements are complete.

For MA and MS students, registration and payment of regular tuition and fees for one (1) course with a minimum of 2 units exempts the student from the continuing student fee. Continuing students may qualify as full-time according to the above regulations by certification through completion of the Certified Full-Time Form.

After completing all departmental or program didactic course requirements, full-time PhD candidates must register for fall and spring terms as a full-time student (i.e., 12 units of independent research) until all remaining degree requirements are complete. Full-time status using Certified Full Time will not be required for all PhD candidates. Except during summer sessions, PhD candidates’ full-time student status entitles students to officially audit one (1) course per term, but only with prior approval from the program director and GMS registrar. Students may not audit 900-level courses.

Registration Deadlines

The dates of the official registration period are provided on the Boston University Registrar’s website. Late fees are charged to students who do not register or settle their tuition accounts during this official period. Students may not register later than one (1) week after the start of classes without written approval from the Associate Provost for GMS. Students who are not registered by the deadline will have their financial assistance offers revoked.

Students enrolled in programs that commence on different dates than the standard term start date will not be allowed to register later than the end of the first week of the program.


Boston University requires all students to provide an emergency alert phone number. Students not in compliance will not be able to adjust their schedules or to register for future terms.