Molecular, Biochemical and Physiologic Bases of Nutrition I: Energy Balance and Micronutrients

GMS NU 755

This is the first semester of a 2 semester sequence (that can be taken in either order) that focuses on the Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Bases of Nutrition. This semester will cover concepts of essential nutrients and methods for determining their requirements (DRIs), body composition, nutrition and growth, energy expenditure, regulation of energy intake, vitamins and macro-mineral metabolism (Ca, P) and micronutrients. Functions and roles of micronutrients in signaling from gene to whole organism will be discussed. Implications for nutrient requirements through the life cycle and in health and disease will be addressed. A discussion session will teach students to critically evaluate cutting-edge and seminal papers addressing each topic, and introduce students to state of the art research approaches and methodologies - basic (cell and molecular), clinical and epidemiological. Weekly writing assignments on the papers will provide experience and hone skills with scientific writing. 4 cr, Fall sem.

FALL 2021 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Deeney HOU R110 TR 4:00 pm-5:50 pm Mts w/GMS NU757
MED Campus

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