Incomplete Coursework

University Policy

College of Engineering Policy

A temporary grade of Incomplete (I) is given when, for reasons acceptable to the instructor, a student fails to complete any of the required coursework by the end of the semester. Students and faculty usually reach an agreement as to when and how the remaining work will be completed.

When the required work is finished the instructor submits a grade change form with the final grade. The student should check with the instructor to ensure that a grade change form has been submitted.

If the student does not complete the specified work, the I grade automatically converts to an F grade after one year.

Incomplete grades are not included in credit hours used to determine good academic standing; a student with incomplete grades may be placed on academic probation if completed coursework falls below 12 credits. Incomplete grades can also affect eligibility for financial aid, as well as on-campus housing, if a minimum of 12 credits are not completed in the semester.

It is important to note that the College of Arts & Sciences’ (CAS) policy on incomplete coursework may differ from the College of Engineering’s policy. An I grade in a CAS course is subject to the College of Arts & Sciences’ policy.

Graduate Policy

When, for good reason, the work of a course has not been substantially completed within the semester of registration, an incomplete, or grade of I, may be requested by the graduate student using the appropriate contract form available in the Engineering Graduate Programs office or department/division office.

At the time the I grade is submitted, the signed contract between the student and the instructor must be submitted to the Engineering Graduate Programs office. The contract defines what must be completed and the time frame for completion. A maximum of one semester for completion is permitted (exclusive of Summer Term).