Academic Progress and Graduation

University Policy

College of Arts & Sciences Policy

A Declaration of Intent to Graduate must be submitted to CAS Academic Advising one calendar year in advance of the intended date of graduation. The University is not responsible for the graduation of any student who fails to submit this form. Students are responsible for the accuracy of their Declaration of Intent to Graduate and for ensuring that their transcripts accurately reflect their academic records at the time they submit a Declaration of Intent to Graduate.

Degree Advice is an advising tool available to students and their advisors via the MyBU Student Portal. It provides a snapshot of the student’s progress-to-date toward degree completion and thus functions in conjunction with this bulletin and in the context of advising appointments as a useful reminder of coursework still needed at a given point in time. Students should check their Degree Advice periodically for updates resulting from registration, completion of additional courses, or changes of a major or minor. However, Degree Advice is not a substitute for substantive discussion with the advisor about degree programs and course selection, and Degree Advice does not certify students for graduation. The process of certification can be initiated only by submission of the Declaration of Intent to Graduate one year before intended graduation.

Students should be aware that substitutions for required courses, as well as the use of some courses taken in Boston University study abroad programs, must be approved in writing in order for these courses to apply toward degree requirements. Otherwise, Degree Advice will not recognize such courses, and delays may occur in the review of Declarations of Intent to Graduate.

Students may verify that they are listed among tentative candidates for graduation at the ensuing graduation date by checking with CAS Academic Advising in December, April, and July.