Summer Study at Other Universities

It is generally expected that College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) students will complete their degree requirements in approved courses within Boston University. Students may, however, wish to receive credit for academic work done elsewhere during the summer.

Students pursuing a program of study outside Boston University who wish to transfer credit must do so in an accredited program at an accredited college or university. A minimum grade of C is required in any course for which a student seeks transfer credit. Students should contact CAS Advising to get courses approved and equated, preferably in advance. Such courses must carry at least 2.5 Boston University Credits.

By University policy, students pursuing summer coursework within the metropolitan Boston area must take such courses at Boston University unless a) the course is a program requirement and is not offered in the Boston University summer term, or b) the student receives written pre-approval from the Associate Dean for Student Academic Life.

Students considering non-BU summer study abroad for transfer credit should take care to familiarize themselves with the Boston University Policy of Transfer Credits from non-Boston University International Programs.

Further information on summer study and forms for transfer equivalency are available in CAS Academic Advising at 100 Bay State Road, Room 401.