University Policy

College of Arts & Sciences Policy

Registration is conducted under the direction of the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). A student accepted for the freshman class may register during one of the summer orientation sessions conducted for freshmen. Students who cannot come to campus in person in advance of the semester will receive registration instructions by email.

Transfer students are encouraged to register in advance of the semester for which they are admitted, in particular, during the summer transfer registration program. Students unable to attend the on-campus program are encouraged to contact CAS Academic Advising at 100 Bay State Road, on the fourth floor, for information about advising. Those who cannot register in advance must do so during the on-campus registration period at the start of the semester.

Continuing students may register through WebReg on the Student Link beginning in April for the fall semester and beginning in November for the spring semester.

College of Arts & Sciences students may register for courses in any of the undergraduate schools and colleges of Boston University and receive degree credit for elective courses and BU Hub units for general education requirements. Enrollment in courses offered in a school outside CAS is always based on that school’s prerequisites and on the availability of space. Registration in Metropolitan College (MET) courses is ordinarily limited to the junior and senior years and to one course per semester or to certain specific courses offered only in Metropolitan College. No more than four MET courses may be counted toward the degree in CAS.

Students with approved independent majors may credit toward the College of Arts & Sciences degree as many courses outside the College as their programs may require.

See the Special Programs section of this Bulletin for dual degree programs.