Minor in Religion

The minor in Religion allows students to complement their major field of study with related coursework in religious studies.


Five 4-credit religion (RN) courses completed with a grade of C or higher, including:

  • One RN course at the 100 level
  • One RN course at the 200 level
  • Two RN courses at the 300 level or higher
  • One additional RN course at any level

In fulfilling these requirements, higher-level courses may not be substituted for lower-level courses. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take CAS RN 200.

Students who have completed CAS CC 101, CAS CC 102, or CAS CC 201 may substitute one of these courses for the one required 100-level RN course.

Students who have completed CGS HU 103 may substitute it for the one required 100-level RN course.

Students may, with the approval of their minor advisor in the Department of Religion, count toward the minor one course taken in another department. Students who have substituted a CAS Core course or CGS HU 103 toward the 100-level requirement are not permitted to count any additional courses offered by departments other than Religion toward the minor.