Sunil Sharma

Professor of Persian & Indian Literatures
Convener of Hindi and Persian (Fall 2016)
STH 639
BA, New York University
PhD, University of Chicago

On leave during Spring 2017

Sunil Sharma’s areas of expertise are Persian and Indian literatures. His research interests include poetry and court cultures, history of the book, and travel writing. His forthcoming book, Mughal Arcadia: Persian Poetry in an Indian Court, is a study of the representation of the early modern Mughal court as a utopia and paradise in the works of Iranian and Indian poets and historians.

Sunil Sharma’s CV


Persian Epic and Romance (CAS LZ380)
Rumi and Persian Sufi Poetry (CAS LZ381)
Introduction to Comparative Literature: Middle East (CAS XL223)
Introduction to Comparative Literature: South Asia (CAS XL225)
Love in Indian Literature and Film (CAS XL381)
Travel Writing and the Muslim World (CAS XL342 / GRS XL742)