The Department of World Languages & Literatures offers instruction in Comparative Literature and in European (German, Russian), Asian (Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean) and Middle Eastern (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), Turkish) languages and literatures. Courses develop sophistication in oral and written expression and in literary and cultural analysis.

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***To get a sense of what WLL has to offer, take XL100: Explorations in World Literature: Leaving Home. The course is co-taught in Fall 2018 by Professor Margaret Litvin (Arabic Literature) and Will Waters (German Literature), with guest lectures by WLL faculty working in many other languages and literatures.***

Fall 2018
CAS XL 100
Explorations in World Literature: Leaving Home

Growing up
Wisdom quest

The theme of leaving home shapes many of the most memorable characters and narratives in world literature, from Sindbad to the Shining Prince Genji, from Snow White to Monkey’s Journey to the West, all the way to modern narratives of urbanization, mass migration, and rapid social change.

This course explores how the world’s great literatures have represented and shaped the experience of leaving home. Which elements of this human experience cut across cultures and time periods, and which are specific to particular societies and ways of reading? We will discuss fairy tales, epic, saga, poetry, novels, short stories, and films from four continents, examining characters and writers who left home (and some, like Emily Dickinson, who stayed). We will also look at how literary works themselves “leave home” through translation and adaptation.

XL 100 serves as an integrating introduction to world literature and to all of WLL’s major and minor concentrations. All readings are in English, but if you know other languages, you will get a chance to use them. This course is required for all WLL majors: Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, and Comparative Literature, and can count for all WLL minors.

Co-taught by
Margaret Litvin
Arabic Literature
Will Waters
German Literature

With regular guest lectures by WLL faculty

Lecture: Tuesdays 11:00-12:15pm
Discussion sections: Thursdays 11:00-12:15pm

Class Section Instructor Day Start Stop
Xl 100 A1 Litvin and Waters TR 11:00am 12:00pm



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