Sattariya: A Classical Indian Dance Performance by Prateesha Suresh

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April 8th, 2014

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855 Commonwealth Avenue Concert Hall

Sattriya Dance is one of eight classical dances of India, the word sattriya is derived from sattra meaning monastery. Traditionally it was performed by the monks initiated into the devotional order of poet-saint Shankardev. This dance performance is a dramatic retelling of mythological stories dealing with God, Gurus and the Devotees.

It is performed by Prateesh Suresh who is trained in three classical Indian dances. She recieved her trainings at Kalakshetra, the premeire classical dance institute in India. She has been performing the classical Indian dances for more than two decades. She also runs a dance school and Pratishruti Foundation in Mumbai for the promotion of classical Indian Art. For more information please see

Sattriya Dance Performance (2)